Virtual Support SME

How Virtual Support SME Works

Getting started with Virtual Support SME is easy. Set in motion a fully flexible support specialist team in six easy steps.

1) Book a call

Our team will create a customized support plan for your business by a quick and easy consultation.

2) Plan your team

Partnering up, we will understand your unique business' needs and we'll develop a strategic team just for you.

3) Set KPIs

You'll meet your Account Executive that will be assign to your account in order to plan onboarding, training and expectations.

4) Training

We will train our best-in-class team on your business processes, your service, product and brand voice, while we test your helpdesk and workflow.

5) Go live

Your designated multi-channel specialist team will start managing your support queues.

6) Report

We will provide constant report and follow up meetings with your team leaders to ensure satisfaction in our value.

Providing Solutions



Our Commitment to You

  • Match your customer support needs with our most experienced VA.
  • Get the job done the way you want it.
  • Your business to run smoothly.
  • Supervise on your behalf so you can be more productive.