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That's what you want and that's what we do!

The home of multi-skilled call center agents— Virtual Support SME. Our company specializes in customizing services for your businesses’ needs. When you work with us, results are not only top tier but also long-term.

What we offer

We will help your business grow

Customer Service

90% of our workforce are customer service oriented and since Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable people around the globe, rest assured that our client's customers are well taken care of.

Lead Generation

Our company entered the market as a lead generation micro contact center and until now, we are still dialing the very first campaign that we got since we started which is a manifestation of our devotion to our clients.

Technical Support

Technical know-how is useless in technical support if an agent lacks soft skills. Since our agents are customer service oriented, combined with their technical know-how and up training, youll have the best tech support agents at your disposal.


A lot of our tenured agents started in the BPO as sales representatives for companies like AT&T, Amazon, Direct TV, etc. Handling calls and generating that much needed sales can be fluidly executed by our agents.

Business To Business

While speaking to a regular customer reached via cold calling can sometimes prove to be a challenge, same thing can be said when you are trying to reach that CEO for a possible business venture. Our team can make that connection from your company to a new prospective partner

Live Chat Support

We also provide live chat support to generate conversation & increase sales. This helps decrease the bounce rate of a business.

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Why Choose Us


We understand how running a company can be a challenging task. With outsourcing, it does not only remove one problem from your list but also saves your company a lot of money by entrusting customer-facing tasks, after-sales services, sales generation, and many more to a company that can understand your company’s needs and can handle constant changes depending on those needs. The money saved from outsourcing can then be used for other purposes that could help further grow your business.

The Philippines boasts a high English-speaking level across all nations within Southeast Asia and had a booming call center business with English-speaking nations for the past few years. Customer satisfaction has always been the priority of the call center industry and that same priority is deeply embedded to everyone working at Virtualsupportsme. With us, you are certainly in good hands.

Name your business and we will match the perfect agent for you! High quality is the second name of Virtual Support SME and whether you are big or small in the industry that you’re in, we customize our services according to your needs.

Let our managers, quality specialists and trainers take admin stuff off your plate!

Regardless of your time zone, we can always help you. We guarantee 100% service wherever you may be on the globe.​

We provide high quality agents. They have tons of experience in this field & know how to deal with customers.

How It Works?

We are focused on making your process a success

Save Time And Money

Low cost, high efficient call center department to boost your company further

Boost Sales Conversions

High customer satisfaction rate

Recruit Better Talent

High quality agents that produce high quality results

Scale Your Business

Peace of mind that your problem is being handled with utmost care and priority

Incredible Services
Who We Are

VSS is a micro contact center founded in April 6, 2018. We are indeed a start-up company but our team consists of experienced leaders who are well versed in the BPO industry, coupled with a talented ensemble of front-line agents, highly trainable and adaptive to any kind of tasks given to them. Our work force can tackle general contact center jobs such as customer service, technical support, sales, lead generation on phone, chat or email. Both Inbound and Outbound.
We pride ourselves not just in the comprehensive quality of our work, but also in forging stronger connections. We are performance driven yet highly cost efficient.
We know the importance of every interaction with every customer. A negative customer service interaction whether in person, via webchat, or voice calls can serve as a false impression for a whole company. VSS is made to change this experience and serve customers an exceptional experience.

Our Mission

We aim to be the most preferred one-stop shop for all data entry, customer service and tech support needs of small and medium enterprises. Founded in April 6, 2018, Virtual Support SME has set out to stand in micro business process outsourcing which caters to inbound and outbound campaigns in both voice and non-voice accounts.

Meet our team

Teamwork makes the dream work.

Michelle Cabrera


As a true game changer in the BPO industry, Michelle has emerged as a self-made entrepreneur with a trailblazing career marked by innovation and success. Michelle's commitment to continuous improvement and her forward-thinking mindset position her as a trailblazer, inspiring others in the BPO industry to challenge conventions and embrace change. Her journey exemplifies resilience, determination, and a relentless pursuit of success, making her a prominent figure in the evolving landscape of the BPO industry.

Alejandro Cabrera

Chief Operating Officer

With an illustrious career spanning two decades in the dynamic realm of the BPO/Outsourcing industry, Alex stands as a seasoned professional. Alex has carved a niche for himself through his hands-on approach and strategic vision, driving success in each campaign he undertakes. His ability to adapt to the evolving demands of different sectors has been instrumental in delivering tailored solutions that exceed client expectations.

Orlan Pascual

Team Manager Philippines

As a Business Mentor for Newbies in Small Medium Enterprise, His passion in the field of Sales and Marketing, Planning and Mentorships enable him to exceed beyond expectations to all his clients. His skills and network collaborations drive him to help more people open doors for Job opportunities for newbies and shifters. His wide scope for network connections tailored fit to the needs of his clients. Lastly, he want to bring this passion to the Business Process Outsourcing Industry.


What they say about us.

Our Values

1. Accountability

Take responsibility instead of redirecting it.

2. Optimism

State of mind that always looks for solutions.

3. Loyalty

Strong support to everything that is promised.

4. Trust

Is the most efficient ingredient for effective communication.

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About Us

Our company specializes in customizing services for your business’s needs. When you work with us results are not only top-tier but we can start immediately with no long-term contract required.

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